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Roadside Stand OPEN!

The roadside stand (5974 Lincoln Highway, Hellam) will be open today on self-serve with tomatoes (many heirloom), potatoes, beans, garlic…  Try to bring small bills for exact change when possible. Thanks!

Many people have asked me about the roadside stand this year, wondering when it would be open. It has been heartwarming to realize how many people value our little roadside stand along the Lincoln Highway. It’s been there all my life, and we’ve never skipped a season. Over the past several years, as my Central Market stand has grown, and I’ve had to focus on that endeavor, the roadside stand has struggled. With aging parents and friends keeping it going, it finally became obvious to me last year that it just didn’t pay to keep it going. As much as I love it, it’s hard to divide one’s focus between having enough time to actually raise the crops, go to market three days a week, and still somehow be able to focus on a roadside stand that just didn’t have the customer flow of the downtown farmers market. So, over the winter, I pretty much planned to lay the roadside stand to rest this year, at least for now. 

But some things don’t die easily. So we’re going to try running the stand on self-serve for now, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9 to 5. I’d love to have feedback from any customers with your thoughts on the hours. That’s what works best for me at this point, but I may be flexible.

Thanks to all for your wonderful support!

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