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Winter is now upon us, and the change in seasons reminds us of the age-old truths of constant death and renewal. Now the garden is dormant, and about the only thing we have left to sell are the delicious, nutritious eggs produced by these lively, industrious free-ranging feathered ladies. Just as the land is taking a break from production, entering into winter dormancy, resting until the Spring, so Dietz Produce is undergoing transformation.

We have decided to close our stand at York Central Market in order to pursue other possibilities. We will miss seeing our many wonderful customers at Central Market, and do encourage you all to continue shopping there. Compleat , which is next to our spot in market, has taken over our dairy and egg sales, and we hope you will continue to support them. Owners, Kevin and Laura Westover truly love York, and are doing a wonderful job of being a part of downtown renewal.

Dave will be joining Lemon Street Market as their new produce and dairy manager, beginning on January 4. Please check it out if you get a chance. It is an amazing little store on Lemon Street in Lancaster, PA, open 7 days a week, from 7 am to 7 pm. You will not be disappointed.

As our chickens are now busy running free, fertilizing our garden beds, we look forward to the Spring, when our humble self-serve roadside stand once again awakens with an array of naturally-grown fruits, veggies, and yes, free-range eggs!


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