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Roadside Eggs!


We have our happy chicken eggs for sale again on self serve at the roadside stand. The chickens are pumping out the eggs, now that the days are getting longer! $5 per dozen. The hens are also fed non-GMO, non-soy feed. Remember, if it’s not free-ranged, it’s deranged. 🙂

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Looking Ahead


This time of year is full of hope and promise and the tantalizing tastes of Spring approaching, interspersed with snowy reminders that Winter is not quite finished. In our cozy plant propagation area, however, it seems that Spring is already here. The emerging basil, cantaloupes, watermelons, cucumbers and flowers announce the start of the growing season, but best of all is…20180316_134048.jpg

…the FRAGRANT SMELL of baby heirloom tomato plants when I gently water them. A foretaste of August pleasure, for sure! Dreaming of roadside stand revival. Stay tuned.

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